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Dues FAQ

The Nebraska State Bar Association is pleased to provide it's dues paying members with many member benefits. In addition to supporting your practice, paying dues to the NSBA helps fund programs that support the profession, the courts and the public. Please refer to the information provided below or call the NSBA at 800-927-0117 for further information.

The NSBA no longer collects the Nebraska Supreme Court’s mandatory assessment, which is required in order to be licensed to practice law in Nebraska. For questions regarding your licensure status or to pay your mandatory assessment, please contact the Attorney Services Division of the Court at 402-471-3137 or

Q: What are the rules controlling membership in the Nebraska State Bar Association (NSBA)?
A: The Rules Creating, Controlling, and Regulating Nebraska State Bar Association as well as the Nebraska State Bar Association Bylaws are available on the NSBA website and via Casemaker.

Q: What are the membership dues?

NSBA Dues Amounts

Regular Active $240
Judicial Active $240
Junior Active $120
Senior Active $120
Military Active $0
Regular Inactive $60
Regular Inactive Gold (provides access to benefits of NSBA Active members, including Casemaker)
Emeritus Inactive $0

Please see the definition for each membership group in the Rules.

Q.  What do I get for my NSBA dues?
A.   Benefits are listed here:

  • Casemaker, a free online research tool
  • Free and reduced CLE.  For a complete listing of all available CLE's, visit the NSBA Website Calendar.
  • NebDocs which is a library of forms related to the practice of law in Nebraska
  • NSBA Legislative Update which is sent out weekly to update members on the status of bills impacting your areas of practice
  • Subscription toThe Nebraska Lawyer 
  • E-Counsel, the NSBA’s electronic newsletter that provides Court News, NSBA News, CLE updates and Practice Tips.
  • Section List Serves that offer a forum for exchanging ideas and thoughts, and provide answers to questions and challenges faced by fellow members.

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Q.  If I am a Regular Inactive can I pay NSBA dues and receive benefits?
A.   Direct Member Benefits for Regular Inactive members who pay the NSBA dues include:

  • The Nebraska Lawyer magazine
  • Access to the NSBA online member directory with a future addition of inactive members
  • Full access to the NSBA website (excluding Casemaker)
  • Certain NSBA listservs
  • Membership in NSBA Sections and Committees
  • Access to eCounsel – the NSBA online newsletter
  • Access to the NSBA Legislative Update
  • Access to other discounts for products and services

Q.  If I am a Regular Inactive attorney and wish to access Caemaker is there an additional fee I can pay?
A.  For an additional cost, inactive members can receive the benefits of NSBA Active members, including Casemaker. Sign Up Today

Q: When are the dues supposed to be paid?
A: On or before January 1 for the year of membership.

Q: Where should I send the dues payments?
A: Dues payments should be sent in the return envelope provided with each dues statement. Payment can also be made to the NSBA, 635 S. 14th St. #200, Lincoln, NE 68501

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Q. Can I join a section if I do not pay NSBA dues?
A.  You cannot join an NSBA Section without paying NSBA dues.  If you are a NSBA dues paying member, you can join a section at any time, including during the dues period. 

Q: What are the Section dues?
A: Dues vary by section.

ADR $20.00   Juvenile Law
Ag Law $10.00   Labor Relations & Employment Law $10.00
Bank Attorneys $15.00   Law Practice Management $10.00
Bankruptcy $10.00   Military Law
(free if on Active Duty 30 or more days in 2014)
Business Law
(fee waived if in practice 5 yrs. or less)
$10.00   Natural Resources & Environmental Law $10.00
Corporate Counsel $5.00   Public Interest Law $0.00
Elder Law $10.00   Real Estate, Probate & Trust $20.00
Family Law $15.00   Securities Law $10.00
General Practice $10.00   Senior Lawyers
(free if emeritus of if you turn age 60 in 2014)

Government Practice $15.00   Women & The Law $15.00
Hispanic Lawyers 15.00   Workers' Compensation $25.00
Immigration Law $0.00   Young Lawyers
(first year free for new admittees)
Intellectual Property $0.00      

Q: Is there a late fee if I don't pay the dues on time?

A: There is no late fee for dues to the NSBA

Q. Will my NSBA dues go to lobbying activities?
A. On  the dues statement or online form you can indicate whether you want a portion of your NSBA dues to pay for lobbying. If you indicate that you do not want your funds to go to lobbying, then that money will be segregated and used to support other NSBA programs. The NSBA’s lobbying contract is reduced by the amount of members indicating that they want to check off.

Q. Can I still get Neb Docs?
A.  You are required to pay NSBA dues in order to subscribe to NebDocs. There will still be a subscription fee for NebDocs. The NSBA is exploring the expansion of NebDocs to all attorneys in future years for a subscription fee, dues-paying members would be eligible for a discount.

Q. Can any attorney register for NSBA CLE?
A.  Yes. Any attorney can register for NSBA CLE programs. Attorneys who pay NSBA dues will get a discount on live CLE programs sponsored by the NSBA.

Q. Are Ethics CLE seminars free?
B. The NSBA will offer a number of live ethics CLEs every year. Any attorney can register for NSBA ethics seminars. Attorneys who pay NSBA dues can register for one, 2 hour ethics live NSBA ethics seminar for free.

Q: What if I want to change my status (from active to inactive or from inactive to active), resign or request to be reinstated?
A.  For questions regarding your licensure status, please contact the Attorney Services Division of the Court at 402-471-3137 or

Q: What if I am in, or eligible for, a complimentary group (Emeritus, Military)? Do I have to send back the dues statement or anything else?
A: We request that each member, including complimentary members, return the dues statement. If you are, or should be, in a complimentary group, please return the dues statement to confirm with the NSBA that you wish to maintain that status. Military Active members must annually provide proof of their military status in order to continue the complimentary status. Copies of current orders or military ID is sufficient.

Q: Can I pay dues by credit card?
A: The NSBA will accept payment by Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express.

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Nebraska State Bar Association, 635 S. 14th St., Suite 200, Lincoln, NE 68508
(402) 475-7091; Toll Free (800) 927-0117; FAX (402) 475-7098