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2005 Issues         

January 2005 (Entire Issue)

  1. President's Page: The Cowboy Way 
  2. Feature Article: Is Your Courtroom Accessible? It Should Be!
  3. Feature Article: Residential Real Estate Transactions in Nebraska: A Basic Introduction
  4. Practice Tips: Your Marketing Efforts Sink, Swim or Soar Depending on How Well You Satisfy the "Big C"
  5. Professional Responsibility: A New Perspective
  6. From The Bench: Disciplinary Assessment Increase
  7. Transitions
  8. In Memoriam
  9. Letter to the Editor
  10. CFI Visionaries
  11. VLP Thanks
  12. NSBF News
  13. NSBA News
  14. Legal Community News

February 2005 (Entire Issue)

  1. President's Page: Fighting the Good Fight
  2. Message From the Executive Director: NSBA Office is Getting a "Makeover"
  3. Feature Artcile: African-American History in Nebraska: A Tribute to Two Exemplars of Courage
  4. Feature Article: The Admissibility of Motor Vehicle Accident Reports
  5. Professional Responsibility: Time is Money
  6. Book Review: From Pin Point to the Legal Pinnacle
  7. NSBA/NCLE Calendar
  8. Transitions
  9. Court News
  10. In Memoriam
  11. CFI Visionaries
  12. VLP Thanks
  13. NSBF News
  14. Legal Community News
  15. Classified Ads

March 2005 (Entire Issue)

  1. President's Page: Hurtin'
  2. Delegate's Report: House Update
  3. Feature Article: What Every Lawyer Ought to Know About Hiring a Forensic Accountant
  4. Feature Article: Stop the World-I Want to Get Off!: Practicing Law in the 21st Century
  5. Feature Article: Of Cross-Examination and a Cat
  6. Press Release: Minority and Justice Implemenation Committee Releases Second-Year Progress Report
  7. Practice Tips: Metadata Equals Meta Migraines
  8. Professional Responsibility: Dealing with Difficult Clients
  9. NSBA Calendar
  10. Transitions
  11. Court News
  12. VLP Thanks
  13. NSBF News
  14. Classified Ads

April 2005 (Entire Issue)

  1. President's Page: The Blizzard 
  2. Feature Article: Reviewing Title Commitments
  3. Feature Article: Commercial Real Estate
  4. Feature Article: Protecting Innocent Landowners from CERCLA Liability: The EPA's New Rule Standardizing the Process of Conducting "All Appropriate Inquiry" Nears Completion
  5. Feature Article: Real Estate Development 101: Working With Municipalities
  6. Feature Article: Access to Federal Case Information: PACER and CM/ECF
  7. NSBA/NCLE Calendar
  8. Transistions
  9. In Memoriam
  10. CFI News
  11. Court News
  12. Legal Community News
  13. VLP Thanks

May 2005 (Entire Issue)

  1. President's Page: The Wheel Horse 
  2. Feature Article: Back From Iraq: Military Duty and Re-employment and Benefits Rights Under Federal Law
  3. Feature Article: The Basics of a Retaliation Clain in Employment Actions
  4. Practice Tip: Speaking Engagements for Attorneys: Opportunities for Marketing, Business Development, and Though Leadership
  5. Professional Responsibility: The Ins and (Mostly) Outs of In-Person Solicitation
  6. Transitions
  7. NSBA Calendar
  8. In Memoriam
  9. VLP Thanks
  10. NSBA News
  11. NSBF News
  12. Court News
  13. CFI News
  14. Legal Community News

June 2005 (Entire Issue)

  1. President's Page: The Rodeo Gods Always Get Even
  2. Feature Article: What's the Real Value of a Patent?
  3. Feature Article: Collaborative Law - A Different Approach to Divorce Practice
  4. Feature Article: Nebraska Water Law Facing Dramatic Changes in Our State: The Spear T Ranch Case
  5. Feature Article: An Update on Global Warming: Nebraska May Have to Adapt to Changing Conditions & Regulations
  6. Professional Responsibility: What I Tell You is Confidential, Right?
  7. Practice Tip: A Field Report on the Tablet PC: Flash in the Pan or Ideal Computing Platform for Lawyers?
  8. NSBA Calendar
  9. Transitions
  10. In Memoriam
  11. VLP Thanks
  12. CFI News
  13. NSBF News
  14. Legal Community News

July 2005 (Entire Issue)

  1. President's Page: Raw Potential Is a Wonderful Thing 
  2. Feature Article: Should I Have an Employee Handbook?
  3. Feature Article: The Priviledge of Being Non-Productive
  4. Practice Tips: Drafting Electronic Evidence Protocols: Staying Out of the Briar Patch
  5. Book Review: Summer for Entertainment & Inspiration
  6. Transitions
  7. In Memoriam
  8. Legal Community News
  9. VLP Thanks
  10. NSBA News
  11. NSBF News
  12. Proposed Rules of Model Conduct
  13. Court News

August 2005 (Entire Issue)

  1. President's Page: The Horse Whisperers 
  2. Feature Article: STANDING BEAR: A Long Walk for Liberty; A Firm Walk for Justice
  3. Feature Article: Due Diligence in Business Transactions with Tribal Governments and Enterprises
  4. Feature Article: Practicing in Tribal Courts: A Rewarding Opportunity
  5. Feature Article: Overview of the ICWA: "the Most Ignored Federal Law Ever"
  6. Feature Article: Ghost Law and Indian Nation Sovereignity
  7. Feature Article: Mulit-Jurisdictional Weed and Seed Initiative in Thurston County
  8. Practice Tip: Estate Planning and Negligence
  9. Professional Responsibility: Rules of Professional Conduct Primer-Things You Need to Know
  10. NSBA Calendar
  11. In Memoriam
  12. Transitions
  13. VLP Thanks
  14. NSBA News
  15. Court News
  16. CFI Newsletter

September (Entire Issue)

  1. President's Page: Just Enjoy the Ride 
  2. Feature Article: Avoiding Malpractice and Ethical Complaints in Divorce Cases
  3. Feature Article: Depreciation Claimed by Self-Employed Individuals and Nebraska's Child Support Guidelines
  4. Feature Article: Jumper Cables, Jail Cells and Justice
  5. NSBA Calendar
  6. Transitions
  7. In Memoriam
  8. VLP Thanks
  9. NSBA News
  10. NSBF News
  11. CFI News
  12. Court News

October (Entire Issue)

  1. President's Page: Adios 
  2. Feature Article: Mental Health Courts: The Newest Development in Problem-Solving Courts and Therapeutic Jurisprudence
  3. Feature Article: Bankruptcy Law Gets a Fresh Start: The "Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005"
  4. Feature Article: Six Months Suspension - (and Six Bronze Medals)
  5. Practice Tip: Chronology Best Practices
  6. Professional Responsibility: Client Wannabees - Your Ethical Duties When Dealing with Prospective Clients
  7. NSBA / NCLE Calendar
  8. NSBA 2006 Annual Budget
  9. Transitions
  10. In Memoriam
  11. VLP Thanks
  12. NSBA News
  13. CFI News
  14. Court News
  15. Legal Community News

November/ December (Entire Issue)

  1. President's Page: An Introduction and Remembrance
  2. Feature Article: Interest Prior to Judgment in Nebraska
  3. Feature Article: Review and Modification of Judgment in Juvenile Court
  4. Feature Article: Litigation and the Digital World
  5. Feature Article: A Small Town Lawyer and His Wife Retire and Hit the Road
  6. Practice Tips: Yes, E-Mails Have Their Own Etiquette Too!
  7. Professional Responsibility: More on the Nebraska Rules of Professional Conduct
  8. Transitions
  9. In Memoriam
  10. Court News
  11. CFI News
  12. Legal Community News 
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