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2004 Issues

January 2004

  1. President's Page: Holiday Season Reflections 
  2. From the Bench: Should Pro Se Litigants be "Officially" Assisted?
  3. Feature Article: Professionalism and Sexual Orientation
  4. Feature Article: The Equalizer
  5. News From the Courts: Adoption Day in Nebraska 2003
  6. Bar Bytes: Spam, Spelled Backwards, is "Maps."
  7. Professional Responsibility: Taking Care of Our Own
  8. Practice Tips: Why a Law Firm Web Site Can be a Waste of Money
  9. Practice Tips: Wireless Security for Law Firms
  10. Transitions 
  11. In Memoriam
  12. VLP Thanks
  13. IOLTA News
  14. NCLE News
  15. Classified Ads

February 2004 (Entire Issue)

  1. President's Page: First Downs and Second Guesses 
  2. Feature Article: Medicare and Workers’ Compensation: The Basics of Medicare Set-Aside Arrangements
  3. Feature Article: The Nebraska Uniform Trust Code From the Trenches
  4. Practice Tips: A Nebraska HIPAA Authorization
  5. Practice Tips: Making the Most of Casemaker™
  6. Legislative Update: 2004 Nebraska Legislature to Convene
  7. Professional Responsibility: If You Receive a Valentine.
  8. Court News / Transitions / In Memoriam
  9. VLP Thanks
  10. NCLE

March 2004 (Entire Issue)

  1. President's Page: "Adjuster" or Attorney
  2. Feature Article: Tax Planning for Closely Held Businesses in Light of the Rate Reductions in the JGTRRA of 2003
  3. Feature Article: Research Guides to Federal Taxation Materials
  4. Feature Article: Tax Issues When Settling Employment Disputes
  5. Feature Article: Take Advantage of Tax Law Changes
  6. Feature Article: What Does the 2001 Tax Relief Act/Estate Tax Phase-Out Mean for the States?
  7. Writer's Block: “Hey, Tell Me, What’s Going on With My Case?”
  8. Professional Responsibility: And to My Attorney I Bequeath . . .
  9. NSBF news
  10. Transitions / In Memoriam
  11. VLP Thanks
  12. NCLE

April 2004 (Entire Issue)

  1. President's Page: That Dreaded Phone Call
  2. Feature Article: Fiduciary Responsibilities with Respect to Self-Directed 401 (k) Plans
  3. Feature Article: Winning the Videotaped Confession Case
  4. Delegate's Report: New Column Highlights Delegates' Activities
  5. Transitions
  6. Court News
  7. NSBA News
  8. Law School News
  9. NSBF News
  10. VLP Thanks & Memoriam
  11. Classified Ads

May 2004 (Entire Issue)

  1. President's Page: We Believe That it Does
  2. In Memoriam
  3. Feature Article: Ethical Issues in Family Law Practice
  4. Feature Article: Special Immigrant Juvenile Visas: A Neglected Visa for Neglected Children
  5. Practice Tips: Using Video Deposition
  6. Practice Tips: Law Firm Document Retention Policies
  7. Professional Responsibility: Protect Thyself
  8. Letter to the Editor
  9. Court News
  10. Transitions
  11. VLP Thanks
  12. NSBA Calendar
  13. NSBA News
  14. Classifieds

June 2004 (Entire Issue)

  1. President's Page: Unauthorized Practice a Hot Topic
  2. Feature Article: A Lawyer's Guide to Cross-Cultural Depositions
  3. Feature Article: Race and Justice in Nebraska-Why Prosecutors and Criminal Defense Lawyers Should Care
  4. Feature Article: Immigration Detainees in Nebraska
  5. Feature Article: Diversity in the Legal Profession
  6. Feature Article: Dear Professor Rosenstein
  7. Professional Responsibility: More Than Widget Makers
  8. News Feature: Share the Knowledge About Organ and Tissue Donation
  9. Practice Tips: Advertise Specifically for the Cases You Want & Telephone Calls from Prospects
  10. In Memoriam
  11. VLP Thanks
  12. NSBA Calendar
  13. NSBA News
  14. Court News
  15. Transitions

July 2004 (Entire Issue)

  1. President's Page: Lessons From the Coach 
  2. Feature Article: One Step Forward or Two Steps Back?: The High Court's Decision in Crawford v. Washington
  3. Feature Article: Do Not Pass Go, Pay $209 in Filing Fees & Go Directly to Jail
  4. Feature Article: Domestic Violence Crimes
  5. Feature Article: Taylor V. Taylor Revisited: The Valuation of Intangible Assets in Dissolution of Marriage Proceedings
  6. Feature Article: Understanding Competency & Capacity
  7. Practice Tips: E-Implications for Lawyers Using E-mail
  8. In Memoriam
  9. Transitions
  10. VLP Thanks
  11. NSBF News
  12. Court News

August 2004 (Entire Issue)

  1. President's Page: An Actual Article About the NSBA
  2. Feature Article: Cross-Examination: Not a Bag of Tricks
  3. Feature Article: Intermediate Sanctions: Impact on Compensation and Benefits Programs in Not-For-Profit Organizations
  4. Feature Article: One Child, One Lawyer Project Serves Children and Young Lawyers
  5. Practice Tips: Computer Forensics: An Attorney's Primer
  6. NLAP News: Head Trauma and Cases
  7. Professional Responsibility: You're Fired
  8. Judicial Profile: Judge John DeWayne Wolf Remembers
  9. From the Bench: Tradition, Not Term Limits
  10. Transitions
  11. Letters to the Editor
  12. VLP Thanks
  13. NSBF News
  14. NSBA News

September 2004 (Entire Issue)

  1. President's Page: Celebrating Equal Justice in Omaha 
  2. Feature Artricle: The Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002: Congress’s Effort to Curb Campaign
    Corruption and its Impact on Nebraska’s State and County Political Parties
  3. Feature Article: Let Us NOT Kill All the Lawyers!
  4. Feature Article: Fair Labor Standards Act 2004: New “Exempt” Regulations
  5. Feature Article: An Overview of the Federal District Court’s New General and Civil Local Rules
  6. Bar Bytes: Adventures of Novice Man in Computer Land
  7. Professional Responsibility: Keeping the Client Happy
  8. Transitions
  9. In Memoriam
  10. VLP Thanks 
  11. NSBF News

October 2004 (Entire Issue)

  1. President's Page: A License to Chill 
  2. Feature Article: The Secondary Market for Life Insurance: Tools for Estate Planning Practitioners
  3. Feature Article: Embezzlement: A Cottage Industry Within Law Firms
  4. Feature Article: Locating Personal Injury Verdicts & Settlements
  5. Feature Article: The Tragedy of Abu Ghraib-An Opportunity for America
  6. Feature Fiction: The Appeal
  7. Practice Tips: Casemaker: Changing the Online Legal Research Landscape
  8. Professional Responsibility: Bad Ideas
  9. Letters to the Editor
  10. Transitions
  11. In Memoriam
  12. VLP Thanks
  13. NSBA News
  14. NSBF News

November/December 2004 (Entire Issue)

  1. President's Page: All of These Things and More 
  2. Feature Article: Nursing Home Negligence
  3. Feature Article: 50 Things I Wish I Would Have Learned in Law School
  4. Feature Article: Asset Protection & Wealth Transfer Planning: The Private Annuity/Life Insurance Solution
  5. Feature Article: Minority & Justice Implementation Committee Releases Update on Nebraska's Indigent Defense System
  6. NSBA/NCLE Calendar
  7. Transitions
  8. In Memoriam
  9. CFI Visionaries
  10. VLP Thanks
  11. NSBF News
  12. NSBA News
  13. Letter to the Editor
  14. CFI Newsletter
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