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2003 Issues

January 2003 (Entire Issue)

  1. President's Page: Our Legislative Program is a Valuable Service to Nebraska 
  2. Feature Article: A South African Adventure
  3. Feature Article: Twelve Myths About Arbitration
  4. The Writer's Block - "Just the Fact's, Ma'am."
  5. Bar Bytes: "Golfing with COMPUMAN!"
  6. Practice Tips
  7. In Memoriam

February 2003

  1. President's Page: Do We Like What the Public Thinks About Us? 
  2. Feature Article: If You Thought Exemption Law Was Confusing Before
  3. Feature Article: Insurance Company Insolvency: When the Insurer You Were Relying On Goes Under
  4. Feature Article: Bankruptcy Materials on the Internet
  5. Professional Responsibility: Trust Account Basics
  6. Practice Tips: Cross Examination-The Trial Lawyer's Search Engine
  7. NSBA News: Update on the Proposed Nebraska Uniform Trust Code
  8. NSBA News: Sales Tax on Legal Services
  9. NSBF News: Mock Trial Team from Ainsworth High School Takes Title
  10. Advisory Opinion: Advisory Committee Opinion 2002-1
  11. In Memoriam

March 2003

  1. President's Page: Is There Bias In Nebraska's Justice System?
  2. Feature Article: Capital Penalty Phase Argument Misconduct
  3. Feature Article: Inter Vivos Trust Update
  4. Feature Article: Retirement and the Law
  5. Bar Bytes: Alternative Computing
  6. Professional Responsibility: Seven Things Attorneys Do Not Want To Say
  7. News: Justice & Minority Task Force Final Report
  8. News: Separate Juvenile Court of Douglas County Designated a Model Court to Serve Abused and Neglected Children
  9. News: National Adoption Day

April 2003 (Entire Issue)

  1. President's Page:  Public Service: How Full Is Your Bucket? 
  2. Feature Article: The Challenge of Self-Regulation
  3. Feature Article: Capital Penalty Phase Argument Misconduct
  4. Law Review: A Love Story
  5. Feature Article: Ten Do's and Don't of a Worker's Compensation Practice
  6. Professional Responsibility: Attorneys and Discrimination
  7. Practice Tips: Networking or Bob's Advice to the Truly Desperate
  8. Practice Tips: MS and the Law: A Nebraska Lawyer with MS Offers Advice to Lawyers Who Have Clients or Colleagues with MS
  9. NSBF News: Nebraska Elementary and High School Students to Celebrate Law Day
  10. News: Judicial Profile - Judge F.A. Gossett Appointed to Federal Bench
  11. News: Supreme Court News

May 2003

  1. President's Page: The Bar Foundation Celebrates It's 40th Anniversary in 2003 
  2. Feature Article: What to Do When the Feds Come Knocking
  3. Feature Article: Do You Really Need to Refer a Case to a Larger Law Firm or Can You Retain Outside Counsel?
  4. Feature Article: Capital Penalty Phase Argument Misconduct
  5. Professional Responsibility: I Want My File
  6. Practice Tips: Four Secrets to Mastering the Magic of Storytelling
  7. News: Pro Se Committee Report
  8. News: The Case for pro se Representation: A Hobson's Choice?
  9. News: Supreme Court Rule Change
  10. In Memoriam

June 2003

  1. President's Page: New Rules Proposed for Unauthorized Practice of Law
  2. Feature Article: "Simon Says" - A Practical Guide to the Non-Judicial Foreclosure of Real Property
  3. Feature Article: Psychiatric Consultation and Testimony in Legal Proceedings - Practical Applications for Nebraska Lawyers
  4. Practice Tips: Punitive Damages in Nebraska
  5. Practice Tips: - Seeing Is (Not Always) Believing
  6. Committee and Section News: Minority and Justice Implementation Committee Formed
  7. Committee and Section News: Park Middle School Students Visit UNL Law College for its Library Dedication
  8. News: Homeowners Win Claim That Predatory Lender Took Their Homes: Mid-America Financial Ordered to Return Property and Pay Damages
  9. News: 2003 Director's Award Recognizes Excellence in Court Operations in District of Nebraska
  10. In Memoriam

July 2003


  1. President's Page: Wonderful Opportunties-Not to Be Missed! 
  2. Feature Article: Bankruptcy Challenges And Opportunities For Technology Vendors And Consultants
  3. Feature Article: What Every Employer Should Know About USERRA
  4. Feature Article: Tax Deficiency Interest: Corporate Returns v. Individual Returns
  5. Feature Article: Utilizing State Economic Incentives to Help Advise Business Clients on Site Selection Decisions
  6. Professional Responsibility: The Ethics of Settlement
  7. Practice Tips: Bankruptcy Case Update
  8. Practice Tips: Cross-Examination: To Lead or Not To Lead
  9. NSBA News: Nebraska State Bar Association Charitable Funds, Inc.
  10. News: Judge Gossett Joins Federal Bench
  11. News: Nebraska Becomes First State to Enact Uniform Mediation Act
  12. NSBF News
  13. In Memoriam

August 2003


  1. President's Page: Developments and Updates 
  2. Feature Article: Civility in the Practice
  3. Feature Article: The Streamlined Sales Tax System
  4. Feature Article: Lawyers in the Arts
  5. Feature Article: Truffles Buried in Briefs
  6. Professional Responsibility: Negotiating Your Way Through The Negotiation Process
  7. Practice Tips: Forensic Animation - Practical Guidelines for Effective Use
  8. Bar Bytes: E-Filing Flambe or How I Learned to Burn My Paper and Love to File Electronically or Gendarmes at my Door
  9. Committee and Section News: Access to the Profession Committee Sponsors Mock Trial Session at College of Law
  10. NSBA News: ABA Day draws Record Number to Capitol Hill
  11. NSBF News: Mock Trial Kickoff - New Mock Trial Season Kicks Off with Exciting Civil Case
  12. In Memoriam

September 2003

  1. President's Page: Public Obligations-One More to Go 
  2. Feature Article: So What If I'm Gonna Hurt Myself: The ADA's Direct Threat Defense
  3. Feature Article: Going Small
  4. Supreme Court News: The Budget of the Nebraska Supreme Court
  5. Practice Tips: Electronic Evidence: The Ten Commandments
  6. The Writer's Block: Playing By the Rules: Dealing Effectively With Adverse Authority in Writing a Brief
  7. In Memoriam

October 2003

  1. President's Page: Challenges and Reflections 
  2. Feature Article: Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts
  3. Feature Article: Life Settlements - Getting More out of Existing Life Insurance
  4. Sidebar: Nebraska's Viatical Settlements Act
  5. Feature Article: To the Land of Lincoln
  6. Professional Responsibility: Squeaky Wheels
  7. Practice Tips: Two from Trey-"You May Not Believe This, But..." 9 General Rules for Marketing Success & Correcting Misconceptions
  8. NSBA News: Charitable Restructuring Offers More Options for NSBA Members and Public
  9. NSBA News: Public Service Award Recipients to be Honored October 24
  10. NSBA News: NSBA Financials and Budget Reports
  11. NSBA News: 119 Pass Bar Examination
  12. Nebraska Court News: Supreme Court Rule Change
  13. NSBF News: Amdor Award Announced
  14. Law School News: NU Law College's Summer Pre-Law Institute Draws Students to the Law
  15. Committee and Section News: NLAP- Seven Years Old
  16. In Memoriam

November- December 2003

  1. President's Page: Welcome from the President 
  2. Feature Article: Will the Department of Labor's Proposed Changes to FLSA White Collar Exemptions Become Law?
  3. Feature Article: Affirmative Action Planning: Background and Best Practices for Federal Government Contractors
  4. Feature Article: The Nebraska Public Policy Exception to Employment-At-Will
  5. Feature Article: Locating Employment Verdicts & Settlements
  6. Feature Article: Nebraska's Counterpart to C.O.B.R.A.
  7. Feature Article: What an Employer Can and Cannot Do When an Employee Files for Bankruptcy
  8. Feature Article: Who is an "Employee" Under Federal Antidiscrimination Laws?
  9. Professional Responsibility: Raising the Bar
  10. IOLTA News
  11. NSBA News
  12. MJIC News: Minority & Justice Implementation Committee Holding Town Hall Meeting
  13. NSBF News: Updated Reaching the Age of Majority Booklet Wins Kudos from the Classroom
  14. Letters to the Editor
  15. NCLE News
  16. Classifieds
  17. Calendar
  18. Transitions
  19. In Memoriam
  20. VLP Thanks



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