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2001 Issues

January 2001

  1. President's Page: The Client Security Fund
  2. Feature Article: Trust Deeds-Boring? Or Loaded With History? Or Both?
  3. Feature Article: February 1, 2001- The Future is Now!
  4. Feature Article: What You See From The Bench
  5. The Writer's Block: "Less Is More"
  6. Professional Responsibility: Fee Simples
  7. News: The NSBA Legislative Update
  8. News: Fee Arbitration Program
  9. News: Bartle; Rossiter Elected; Cavel, Dittrick and Langan Join Executive Council as Ex-Officio Members

February 2001

  1. President's Page: MJP...How Do You Vote?
  2. Feature Article: Your Law Office As A Place of Public Accommodation: Compliance With The Americans with Disabilities Act-Title III
  3. Feature Article: Electronic Filing In The Federal Courts: A Status Report
  4. Feature Article: New Federal Courthouse Dedicated in October
  5. Feature Article: There Is A Way Out-Lawyers Who Drink Too Much
  6. Bar Bytes: So You Want To Buy A Computer
  7. Professional Responsibility: Private Reprimand Update
  8. News: Minority and Justice Task Force Appoints Edouardo Zendejas as Project Coordinator

March 2001

  1. President's Page: The NSBF - A Legacy of Leadership
  2. Feature Article: The National High School Mock Trial Competition: Moving From Discovery to Preparation For Trial
  3. Feature Article: The Agricultural Production Input Lien
  4. Feature Article: ABA Rejects Multidisciplinary Practice
  5. Feature Article: Litigation in Schools: How an Education Expert Can Benefit Your Case
  6. Professional Responsibility: When You Make a Mistake
  7. News: Cooperation and Enthusiasm Plus- More Then 500 Volunteers Equals Success!
  8. News: Recent Member Survey Shows Lack Of Support For Mandatory Continuing Legal Education
  9. In Memoriam

April 2001

  1. President's Page: Truth or Consequences
  2. Feature Article: A Brief Sketch of Revised Article 9 of the U.C.C.
  3. Feature Article: CM/ECF and the Web Site or "How to Avoid a Search Fee"
  4. Feature Article: Balancing the GSTT Exemption and the Marital Deduction
  5. The Writer's Block: Writing Better Sentences
  6. Feature Article: When Clerks of the Court Had Real Power: Robert Smith's Omaha, 1908-1950
  7. Bar Bytes: Why Can't I Be the Bar's Food Critic
  8. Ethics Advisory Opinions: 2001-01 - Communications With Law Enforcement by Defense Attorney & 2001-02 - Possible Conflicts of Interest When Husband and Wife Attorneys Are Working For Different Agencies
  9. In Memoriam

May 2001  

  1. President's Page: The Death Penalty and DNA
  2. Feature Article: A General Practitioner's Primer On the FDCPA
  3. Feature Article: Some Reaffirmation FAQs
  4. Feature Article: A Summary View Of Property Division In Nebraska Divorce Cases
  5. Feature Article: The New "Innocent Spouse" Rules
  6. Feature Article: An Outsider Looking In...For Awhile
  7. Professional Responsibility: ..What's In A Name?
  8. News: An Idea Whose Time Has Come- The CLE Institute
  9. In Memoriam

June 2001

  1. President's Page: Potpourri
  2. Feature Article: If Life Hands Your Clients Lemons, Provide Lemon-Aid
  3. Feature Article: Prompt Payment Of Court Reporters
  4. Feature Article: Entrapment By Estoppel
  5. Professional Responsibility: Lessons From History
  6. News: House of Delegates Report
  7. News: Medicare Secondary Payer: Attorney & Liability Insurance Manual
  8. In Memoriam

July 2001

  1. President's Page: Casemaker Q & A
  2. Feature Article: Best Practices Under The Indian Child Welfare Act
  3. Feature Article: Employer Tax Credits Costs Of Providing Or Subsidizing Employees' Child Care
  4. Feature Article: Spirituality And The Law: Finding Passion And Purpose In The Practice of Law
  5. Feature Article: Written Schedule of Service and Fees Multiplies Credibility, Increases Client Comfort
  6. The Writer's Block: "The Verb's The Word"
  7. Bar Bytes: When Good Palms Go Bad & Other Tales From The Dark Side
  8. Professional Responsibility: ABA Releases Survey of Disciplinary Systems
  9. News: Proposed Rule Changes-DR 9-102 Preserving Identity Of Funds & Property of a Client

August 2001

  1. President's Page: "Speak Now or Forever Hold Your..."
  2. Feature Article: Protecting Your Client's Home from Creditors
  3. Feature Article: The Death Tax Elimination Bill Creates More Work for the Trust and Estate Bar
  4. Feature Article: Seeking Joy in the Practice of Law: A Personal and Professional Journey
  5. Feature Article: Eighth Circuit Finds "Market Value":  Exception to Farm Rental Self Employment Tax Provision
  6. Professional Responsibility: A Time to Speak and a Time to Refrain from Speaking
  7. News: Volunteer Lawyers Project Pro Bono Attorneys
  8. In Memoriam

September 2001

  1. President's Page: Stretch Run
  2. Feature Article: Employment Law Primer
  3. Feature Article: Practicing International Law
  4. Special Feature: The NLS Merger: Why It Was Done?
  5. Special Feature: The NLS Reorganization: What Are The Intended Results?
  6. Special Feature: Family Law Initiative
  7. Special Feature: How the Power of Technology Can Help The Poor
  8. Bar Bytes: "The Third Element" Training
  9. News: Proposed Court Rules-Nebraska Discovery Rules For All Civil Cases
  10. News: Dr. Judd Choate Named As Minority And Justice Task Force Project Director
  11. In Memoriam

October 2001

  1. President's Page: Out With Old and In With The New
  2. Feature Arctice: Immigration Law- "My Life Is In Your Hands!"
  3. Feature Article: Initiative 300 After 20 Years
  4. Feature Article: Is There A Trust Code in Your Future?
  5. Feature Article: William Jay Riley Circuit Judge
  6. Feature Article: New Federal Privacy Law to Impact A Wide Scope Of Businesses
  7. Professional Responsibility: Cases Highlight Ethical Issues Faced By Criminal Defense Attorneys
  8. The Writer's Block: Purging Our Prose Of Pronoun Problems
  9. News: D. Milo Mumgaard, Recognized For Outstanding Community Leadership
  10. Book Reviews
  11. In Memoriam

November 2001

  1. President's Page: First Column
  2. Feature Article: Do Trials Still Matter?
  3. Feature Article: A Primer on Law Office Technology
  4. Bar Bytes: What To Do After The Disaster
  5. Professional Responsibility: Criminal Prosecutors-Unique Powers/Unique Responsibilities
  6. Feature Article: Nebraska Legal Services Clients: A Profile and Stories
  7. Feature Article: The NSBA Volunteer Lawyers Project-What We Do and Why We Need Your Help
  8. In Memoriam
  9. A Thought: Memorial Day Address - 1959  



December 2001

  1. President's Page
  2. Feature Article: Investor Criteria For Choosing Between Mortgage Loans From Portfolio and CMBS Conduit Lenders
  3. Feature Article: New Retirement Plan and IRA Limits Provide Opportunities For Employers and Employees
  4. Feature Article: Obtaining Medical Records in The New Privacy Environment (HIPAA)
  5. Feature Article: Relocation (Removal) Cases in Nebraska
  6. Professional Responsibility: Practice Makes Perfect
  7. Ethics Advisory Opinion: Advisory Opinion 2001.3
  8. Client Assistance Fund of the Nebraska State Bar Association: Redraft of Rules
  9. Statement of Nebraska State Bar Association-Investment Policy
  10. News: Bar Association Honors Public Service Efforts
  11. News: New Bar Leadership Takes Office
  12. News: Client Assistance Fund Created and Funded
  13. In Memoriam


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