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2000 Issues

February 2000

  1. President's Page:  First Seminar of the President's Centennial Series - Standing Bear
  2. Feature Article: Who Shall We Admit to Our Club?
  3. Feature Article: Lead Poisoning Prevention In Nebraska
  4. Feature Article: A Grand Island Challenge ToThe Mann Act
  5. Bar Bytes: The Perils of PalmPilot Paul(ine)
  6. Feature Article: A Fantasy in Continuing Education
  7. Professional Responsibility: Advancing Living Expenses to a Client
  8. Pro Bono Honor Roll

March 2000

  1. President's Page: A Budget to Meet the Mission and Purposes of the NSBA
  2. Feature Article: Speaking in Complete Sentences
  3. Feature Article: Staffing Issues and the Delivery of Legal Services in the Future
  4. Feature Article: Technology in the Practice of Law in the Future
  5. Professional Responsibility: Learning from Experience-Taking a Look at Private Reprimands
  6. News: Gender Fairness-An Update

April 2000

  1. President's Page: Focus on Discipline...Ethics, Professionalism and Civility
  2. Feature Article: The European Commission and Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Over Mergers
  3. Feature Article: Inching Through the Glass Ceiling: The History of Women Judges in Nebraska
  4. Feature Article: The Hangman's Scaffold
  5. Bar Bytes: Techy Potpourri

May 2000

  1. President's Page: Diversity Enriches the Law 
  2. Feature Article: Corporate Culpability - Prosecuting The Disembodied
  3. Feature Article: The Wrights - A Nebraska Legal Dynasty
  4. Feature Article: For the Advancement of the Honor And Dignity of Our Profession
  5. Professional Responsibility: Denial is Not a River in Egypt
  6. Technology: Wired for Legal Research-Nebraska Casemaker Update
  7. News: 300 Attorneys/Judges Volunteer for Mock Trial Project

June 2000

  1. President's Page
  2. Feature Article: Patenting a Way to Do Business: Business Method Patents and Their Application to the Internet
  3. Feature Article: For the Advancement of Honor and Dignity of Our Profession: The Nebraska State Bar Association, The Depression Years (1930s)
  4. Bar Bytes: ABA TechShow 2000 Reprise
  5. Bar Bytes: Techno-Gadgets 2000
  6. Professional Responsibility: Office of Counsel for Discipline To Be Separated From Bar Association/Disciplinary Process To Be Streamlined
  7. News: NCDAA Offers Resources to Nebraska's Criminal Defense Bar

July 2000

  1. President's Page: A Celebration for the First 100 Women and the NSBA 
  2. Feature Article: Removing a Paper Barrier to E-Commerce: The Uniform Electronic Transactions Act
  3. Feature Article: Mental Illness - The Law and The Impact
  4. Feature Article: The Unicameral Web Site - Not Just Another Pretty Web Site
  5. Professional Responsibility: Cards and Letters From People I Don't Even Know
  6. News: NSBA House of Delegates Approves Dues Analysis and Proposed Rates
  7. News: NSBA to Renuew Consideration of Mandatory Continuing Education for Nebraska

August 2000

  1. President's Page: Multidisciplinary Practice - Is It the Practice Model of the Future? 
  2. Feature Article: Everything You Wanted to Know About Distributions from Qualified Plans (and IRA's) But Were Afraid to Ask
  3. Feature Article: Plain Meaning, Plain Language, Plain English: A Farewell to Hereby, Come Now, and To Wit
  4. Feature Article: Insurance Requirements for Limited Liability or Partnership Entities and the Professional Corporation in Nebraska
  5. Feature Article: Roscoe Pound, Commissioner
  6. Bar Bytes: So You Think You Need a New Computer
  7. News: MCLE Task Force Appointments to be Considered
  8. News: NSBA Ethics Committee to Study the Model Rules of Professional Conduct
  9. News: Opportunities for Participation in Your Bar Association

September 2000

  1. President's Page: NLAP - A Program for All Members 
  2. Feature Article: Fear and Loathing in the Appellate Courtroom. Nine Suggestions for Better Appellate Advocacy
  3. Feature Article: The Use of Medicare Set-Aside Trusts in Worker's Compensation Settlements
  4. Feature Article: Malpractice - Reporting a Claim Myth and Reality
  5. Feature Article: Lawyers in Willa Cather's Fiction - The Good, The Bad and The Really Ugly
  6. Professional Responsibility: Divorce Client + Sex = Disciplinary Sanction
  7. News: Nebraska Supreme Court Approves Dues Adjustment

October 2000

  1. President's Page: A Look in the Rearview Mirror
  2. Feature Article: Attention Practitioners: Employment Noncompetition Provision are Enforceable in Nebraska-Sort of
  3. Feature Article: Effective Advocacy in Mediation From a Mediator's Perspective
  4. Feature Article: For the Advancement of Honor and Dignity of Our Profession. The Nebraska State Bar Association: The 1930s to the Present
  5. Bar Bytes: Tips and Quips
  6. Professional Responsibility: Out of Court Statements-Zealous Advocacy or Threat to Justice?
  7. News: Discussion Groups Added to Web Site

November 2000

  1. President's Page: NSBA is Not Clowning Around
  2. Feature Article: To Designate or Not to Designate Under the Family Medical Leave Act
  3. Feature Article: Question: "When Does Negotiation of a Check Marked "Paid in Full" Constitute an Accord and Satisfaction" Answer: "Look to the Uniform Commercial Code."
  4. Feature Article: The Writer's Block
  5. Feature Article: The Nebraska Trial Lawyer 1950-1970
  6. Feature Article: Supreme Court Justice Kennedy Visits Creighton Law School
  7. News: MCLE Task Force Analyzes Arguments-Pro and Con-For MCLE Concept

December 2000 

  1. President's Page: Diversity's Impact on Justice Not New
  2. Feature Article: Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act (UCITA)
  3. Feature Article: Digital Signature Guidelines
  4. Feature Article: The Pain and the Promise of Part-Time Work in Law Firms
  5. Bar Bytes: Someone's in the Kitchen with Dinah
  6. Professional Responsibility: Supreme Court Adopts Revised Rules of Discipline
  7. News: Internet Access Nears 100 Percent At law Firms


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