Leadership Academy Community Service Project


2015-2016 Community Service Project: Judicial Legacy

  • Justice William M. Connnolly, Nebraska Supreme Court
    Interviewed by Daniel Hassing, Christine Delgado and Tom Green
    Daniel Hassing, Christine Delgado, and Tom Green recently interviewed the Honorable William M. Connolly, Judge of the Nebraska Supreme Court, shortly before his retirement from the bench. In a candid and thoughtful discussion, Judge Connolly offered advice and anecdotes derived from his long, varied, and successful career that took him from a County Attorney's Office, to private practice, and finally, to the highest court of the State of Nebraska.

  • Judge (Ret.) Paul D. Merritt Jr.
    Interviewed by Chris Peterson and Brent Stephenson
    Judge Merritt’s discussed his experience leading up to his appointment to the bench, his experience on the bench and the most rewarding aspects of such service, the biggest change he anticipates for the practice of law during the next decade, and important advice to pass on to future lawyers.

  • Judge (Ret.) Ronald Reagan
    Interviewed by Ben Perlman, Charrisse Artry, Mandy Gruhlkey, and Sharon Hansen

  • Judge Lyle E. Strom, Senior United States District Judge
    Interviewed by Shaun Ilahi, Tracy Hightower-Henne, and Jamie Cooper

  • Judge Thomas E. Zimmerman, Lancaster County Court
    Interviewed by Chris Peterson and Brent Stephenson
    Judge Zimmerman discusses his inspiration for seeking appointment to the bench, his training for and experience during his first several months on the bench, his contribution to the people of Lancaster County, and advice to young lawyers.

  • Judith A. Schweikart
    Interviewed by Robert McEwen, Ross Pesek, and Emily Head