Sections: Alternative Dispute Resolution

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The section shall study the different alternatives for dispute resolution and the circumstances in which they are likely to work, in a manner consistent with both recognized concepts of due process and the efficient administration of justice, and make recommendations with respect to the promotion and implementation of various means of dispute resolution to the Executive Council and the House of Delegates. It shall perform such other functions assigned by the Executive Council or President.

Karen L. Vervaecke
Law Office of Karen L. Vervaecke
3801 Harney St. #100
Omaha, NE 68131
(402) 504- 1818

Amy L. Van Horne
Kutak Rock LLP
The Omaha Building
1650 Farnam St
Omaha NE 68102-2186
(402) 346-6000

Kristen M. Blankley
University of Nebraska
1875 N 42nd St.; PO Box 830902
Lincoln, NE 68583-0902
(402) 472-5345

Executive Committee:
Hon. D. Nick Caporale, Omaha
Debora S. Denny, Lincoln
Carl B. Eskridge, Lincoln
Lorin C. Galvin, Omaha
James E. Gordon, Lincoln
David A. Hubbard, Omaha
Robert J. Kirby, Omaha
Michael G. Mullin, Omaha
David Woodke, Omaha

Executive Council Liaison:
Timothy R. Engler, Lincoln

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