Committees: Barristers' Ball

Purpose: Do you want to help organize the premier fundraising event for the Nebraska Lawyers Foundation? If so, volunteer to be a part of the Barristers Ball Committee. We are looking for members that like to fund raise, find interesting auction items and use their creativity to cup up with interesting themes and decorations. Proceeds from the Barristers Ball support the Nebraska Lawyers Foundation, whose mission is to serve the public and the legal profession by securing contribution to support programs dedicated to the improvement of the legal profession and the administration of justice. This includes programs like the Volunteer Lawyers Project, the Nebraska Lawyers Assistance Program, the Rural Practice Initiative, and the LSAT Prep Scholarship Program.

2019 Co-Chairs
Warren Whitted, Omaha
Nancy Whitted, Omaha

Committee Members
Ellie Clinch, Omaha
Sean Connolly, Esq., Omaha
Stacy Jo Ferrel, Esq., Omaha
Erica N. Goven, Esq., Omaha
Nicole K. Griffard, Esq., Omaha
Sharon Hansen, Esq., Omaha
Minja Herian, Esq., Omaha
April Hook, Esq., Omaha
Kenneth F. Jacobs, Esq., Omaha

Emily K. Milewski, Esq.,Omaha
Andrea McChesney, Esq., Omaha

John A. McWilliams, Esq., Omaha

Wendy Moore, Elkhorn
Shirley Peng, Esq., Omaha
Benjamin G. Perlman, Esq.,  Papillion
Teresa S. Richards, Esq., Lincoln
Max L. Rodenburg, Esq., Lincoln
Joseph H. Selde, Esq., Omaha
Karine Sokpoh, Esq., Omaha
Jennifer Thompson, Esq., Papillion
Nancy Whitted, Omaha
Daniel L. Willis, Esq., Omaha
Katie W. Zulkoski, Esq., Lincoln