Committees: Elections

Purpose:  The Committee shall make plans for and carry out any elections taking place in the House during a regular or special meeting; shall supervise, oversee and insure the successful election of District Delegates to the House, and shall serve as the Electionh Board for the election of members of the Executive Council and officers of the Association at the appropriate times as designated in the Rules and Bylaws of the Association.

James L. Nelson
Nelson, Clark & Timan, PC
108 S 6th St. #221
Beatrice, NE 68310
(402) 228-2224; Fax: (402) 228-2225

Evangelos A. Argyrakis, Omaha
Gene M. Eckel, Omaha
Stephen S. Gealy, Lincoln
Timothy Matas, Columbus
Lawrence Roland, Omaha

Executive Council Liaison:
Hon. PaTricia A. Freeman, Papillion