Committees: Judicial Resources

The Committee shall develop the policy and legislative position of the Association on matters pertaining to the creation, elimination or movement of judicial positions with respect to the courts of the State of Nebraska. The Committee shall be responsible for proposing, considering and commenting upon legislation which creates, abolishes, moves or otherwise changes judicial positions or vacancies concerning the courts of the State of Nebraska.

The Committee shall consist of the NSBA President, the immediate past-President, the President-elect, the Chair of the House of Delegates and 12 members of the House of Delegates selected by the chair of that body. The members of the House shall be selected in a manner so as to provide two (2) representatives from each Supreme Court District of the State.

The recommendations and positions of the Committee shall be communicated to the Executive Council and the House of Delegates, and thereafter become the position of the Association unless changed or overruled by a vote of the House of Delegates. The Committee is authorized to appear on behalf of the Association on such matters before the Legislature or its Judiciary Committee, and is also authorized to appear on behalf of the Association before the Judicial Resources Commission.

The Committee develops and submit to the House of Delegates for approval its own rules for meetings and conducting business.

Michael J. McCarthy
McCarthy & Moore, LLP
112 N Dewey #A; PO Box 1005
North Platte NE 69103-1005
(308) 532-0551

Hon. Joseph F. Bataillon, Omaha
Julie E. Bear, Plattsmouth
Joel M. Carney, Omaha
Michael R. Dunn, Falls City

G. Michael Fenner, Omaha
Stephen S. Gealy, Lincoln
John P. Grant, Omaha

Robert M. Hillis, Fremont
Amie C. Martinez, Lincoln
Steven F. Mattoon, Sidney
Thomas M. Maul, Columbus


J. Scott Paul, Omaha
Forrest F. Peetz, O'Neill
Hon. Robert F. Rossiter Jr., Omaha
Luke M. Simpson,
Ronald E. Temple, Norfolk

William J. Mueller, Lincoln
Corey Steel, Lincoln

Executive Council Liason:
Timothy R. Engler, Lincoln

NSBA Staff:
Sam Clinch
Liz Neeley