Committees: Membership Support

Purpose:  The Committee shall insure that members are informed of the various services offered by the Association and encourage participation by the members in the programs, committees and activities of the Association, including but not limited to electronic legal research, insurance, members benefit programs and technology. The Committee shall evaluate members' interests and needs regarding the practice of law and may recommend that additional member services be provided by the Association. It shall provide new members of the bar with the opportunity to interact with more experienced colleagues. It shall perform other functions assigned by the Executive Council or President.

Trev E. Peterson
Knudsen Berkheimer Richardson & Endacott, LLP
3800 VerMaas Pl. #200
Lincoln, NE 68502
(402) 475-7011
Fax: (402) 475-8912

Adam E. Astley, Omaha
Richard L. Boucher, Lincoln
Edward Brink, Omaha
Joel M. Carney, Omaha
Sean P. Connolly, Omaha
Jeffrey B. Lapin, Lincoln


Travis A. Spier, Lincoln
James T. Truell, Grand Island                                                     
Daniel J. Wintz, Omaha

Executive Council Liaison:
Jason S. Doele, Norfolk

Sam Clinch