Committees: Publications

The Committee shall be responsible for editorial control and oversight of the production of the Nebraska State Bar Association monthly publication for members and shall operate as the Editorial Board for the publication. The Committee shall perform the following duties: (a) recommend, implement and assess the editorial and advertising policies; (b) establish and annual plan for publication; (c) review on an annual basis the practices and procedures for the Committee and NSBA staff working with the Committee; (d) periodically conduct editors and authors workshops; and (e) perform any other duties required to produce a monthly publication for the benefit of NSBA members.

P. Brian Bartels
Kutak Rock
1650 Farnam St.
Omaha, NE 68102
(402) 346-6000; Fax: (402) 346-1148

Melodie Turner Bellamy, Minden
Sheila A. Bentzen, Lincoln
Elizabeth Borchers, Omaha
Edward Brink, Omaha
Daniel E. Cummings, Bellevue
Elizabeth Eynon-Kokrda, Omaha
Thomas J. Freeman, Lincoln
Andrea V. Gosnold-Parker, Papillion
Brandy R. Johnson, Lincoln
Luke Paladino, Omaha
David J. Partsch, Nebraska City
Edward F. Pohren, Omaha
Kathleen Koenig Rockey, Norfolk
Monte L. Schatz, Omaha
Ronald J. Sedlacek, Lincoln
Carol Anderson Svolos, Omaha
Colleen E. Timm, Omaha
Emily J. Wischnowski, Omaha

Executive Council Liaison:
Kenneth W. Hartman, Omaha

NSBA Staff:
Lorrie Benson
Liz Neeley
Amy Prenda