April 14, 2020
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OnDemand CLE

Watch webinars on what you want, when you want! Visit the NSBA’s on-demand CLE portal, www.nebarondemand.com to view a webinar at your convenience and earn distance-learning CLE credit, including professional responsibility (ethics) and GAL credit. 

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Get 20% off on all NSBA OnDemand CLE programs. These social distancing specials end April 30, so act fast!! Apply promo code Spring20 at checkout to receive discount.

Here are some titles currently available.

Visit the NSBA’s on-demand CLE portal, www.nebarondemand.com to view these and many other webinars.

CLE Partner Webcasts

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Nebraska Chief Justice Issues Second Order Regarding Coronavirus and COVID-19
Below is the Administrative Order signed April 6, 2020, by Nebraska Supreme Court Chief Justice Mike Heavican regarding Novel Coronavirus and COVID-19 Disease.  Read the Second Order: 4.6.20 - Administrative Order Regarding Novel Coronavirus and COVID-19 Disease

Need a little fun?
Help us select the next cover of The Nebraska Lawyer magazine by voting in The Nebraska Lawyer Cover Art Competition. Voting is open through April 15. Please vote only once using the following link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2020NebraskaLawyerCoverArtCompetition

Need to Reduce Your Overhead Expenses? See if the NSBA Health Insurance Consortium Can Save Your Firm on Health Insurance Premiums
The NSBA Health Insurance Consortium consists of multiple employers, with NSBA membership, pooling together to obtain affordable health insurance coverage on terms similar to those currently available only to large employers. The Consortium has grown quickly, representing more than 80 firms and close to 700 employee lives. The participating firms and organizations range in size from solo practitioners with a part-time staff person[1] to firms with over 100 employees. Participating firms come not only from Omaha and Lincoln but many rural areas of the state, including Scottsbluff, Holdrege, Norfolk, Columbus, Sidney, and Broken Bow, just to name a few.  Full Press Release

2020 Judicial Evaluation Poll
The Nebraska State Bar Association’s 2020 Judicial Evaluation Poll will be made available as an online survey. You will receive an email link to the survey on April 21, 2020. Please make sure the NSBA has your current email on file before this date.  The deadline to respond to the survey is May 25, 2020.

Referral Of Bankruptcy Caese For Low-Income Debtors To Private Attorneys On A Reduced Fee Basis - Your Help Is Needed!
Since 1982, the Nebraska State Bar Association Volunteer Lawyers Project has referred thousands of civil legal cases for low-income persons to private attorneys to handle on a pro bono basis. We are incredibly grateful for all of the generous pro bono assistance provided throughout the years!

In response to a growing need to refer bankruptcy matters on a reduced fee basis, VLP is adjusting bankruptcy case referrals for lower-income persons. These cases will be referred to private attorneys on a reduced fee basis pursuant to the guidelines.  Full Press Release

NSBA Work From Home Special - 20% OFF through April 30 on all OnDemand CLE Programs
Get 20% off on all NSBA OnDemand CLE programs. These social distancing specials end April 30, so act fast!! Apply promo code Spring20 at checkout to receive discount.

VLP, Immigrant Legal Center and the Nebraska Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence offer FREE CLE
“Advocating for Victims of Crime as an Attorney” provides lawyers representing victims of crime a review of the substantive law, practice, procedure, ethical rules and practical guidance for assisting this vulnerable population in civil legal matters.  This seminar will be offered by webinar. Check the
NSBA website so for more information on this session coming soon.

Recent Supreme Court Cases

Week of April 10, 2020

305 Neb. 457 HBI, L.L.C. v. Barnette
 S-19-493 through S-19-508  305 Neb. 493   TransCanada Keystone Pipeline v. Tanderup
S-19-623, S-19-624   305 Neb. 513    State v. Galvan

Week of April 3, 2020

305 Neb. 428
In re Guardianship of Suzette G.
S-19-278 305 Neb. 440 Reveiz v. El-Kasaby
 S-19-475 305 Neb. 441 State v. Valdez
S-19-652 305 Neb. 451  State v. Hessler

For a complete listing of recent opinions, visit the Nebraska Judicial Branch Website.


Casemaker Weekly Update
You may have heard about Digest and Alerts in Casemaker4. You may even know they are tools to help you stay up to date on changes in the law. However, you may be confused about what they actually do and what the differences are. 

Case Digest, previously known as CasemakerDigest, is a summary service of cases that are currently coming out of the court system which is integrated within the Casemaker4 system.  These are usually published within about 72 hours of the case’s publication. After clicking the Case Digest menu on the left-hand side, you can select your area of practice, court, judge, and jurisdiction to view summaries from. The summaries are displayed in the central area of the screen and will provide you with the case name, area of practice, court, the date decided, docket number, judge, and the date it was added to our system. This is in addition to the short summary itself. Just below the listed summary information is a link labeled more. Clicking this link will display the longer, full summary for that case. The case name is a link that when clicked on will take you to the case’s full text in our system.
At the top of the screen, you will find buttons allowing you to add a custom Digest filter. Here you can create a name for your filter and provide a description. Then submit an email address or email addresses that you would like to receive these summaries as emails. You can then select your jurisdiction or jurisdictions, court, judge, practice area and more. You can choose if these filters are updated on a daily or weekly basis.
Any Digest filters you have created are then listed at the top of the digest menu. The Toggle switches here allow you to activate or deactivate those filters, and the pencil and paper icon will allow you to edit the filter.
Alerts provide you with notifications of changes to search results, cases, statutes, rules and more – be it a change to the document itself, such as an updated statute, a new case citing the case or statute, new negative treatment of a case, or even new search results for a search query. Unlike Digest, alerts does not provide you with summary information.  You can set up alerts in multiple ways. If you are viewing a statute or case, you can use the “Add Alert” icon in the Document Toolbar. Similarly, if you wish to set up an alert for a search you can use the same icon on the page of search results.  
In addition to creating or adding alerts from the search and document pages, you can also create an alert from the Alerts page itself. After clicking the Create Alert button you have the opportunity to choose if you are creating a search or document alert type, as well as provide the description and specifications for your alert.

The Alerts tab will also provide you with a notification if there is new information or an update for an alert since your last log in. You can then use the toggles on the left of the alerts page to select what you are viewing. The pencil and paper icon next to the toggles for your alerts will allow you to make any changes you wish to make.
You can also choose to receive email notifications for updates from your alerts, in addition to the Casemaker notifications.

So which is best for you? Digest gives you summaries of new cases in the area you choose. Alerts, however, cover more than just cases and while it does not provide summaries, Alerts can track changes in cases, statutes, and even search queries for you. We think you will find both tools to be great ways to keep up to date. 




NSBA Career Center

The NSBA has a new Career Center. Employers can post job openings and job seekers and posters can search openings and subscribe to new posting notifications.

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