Client Assistance Fund

The Client Assistance Fund was established in January 1974 by the authority of the Nebraska Supreme Court. Its purpose is to assist claimants in recovering losses caused by dishonest conduct committed by lawyers while practicing law in Nebraska as a member of the Nebraska State Bar Association (NSBA).

You may request a claim form from the Client Assistance Fund Board of the Nebraska State Bar Association at 635 South 14th Street, #200, Lincoln, Nebraska 68508 or click on the application form below.

Fill out the claim form as completely and accurately as possible. Attach copies of any documents or correspondence that would help to substantiate your claim. Have the claim notarized and return it to the Board, keeping a copy for your records. Submit to: NSBA/Client Assistant Fund, 635 South 14th Street, Suite 200, Lincoln, NE 68508

Client Assistance Fund Board

Shaylene M. Smith
635 S 14th St #200
Lincoln NE 68508

Executive Commitee:
Renee A. Eveland, Lincoln
Daniel A. Fullner, Madison
Kyle Gifford, North Platte
Patrick M. Lee, Kearney
Thomas M. Locher, Omaha
Frank J. Mihulka, Omaha
Rose Ann Shannon, Omaha

Executive Council Liaison:
Kenneth W. Hartman, Omaha

NSBA Staff:
Chris Aupperle
Nancy Harms
Liz Neeley