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The New Casemaker Changes Legal Research

Casemaker is a comprehensive online legal research library and search engine that offers timely and accurate results. This powerful research tool provides NSBA members with free and unlimited access to a wealth of legal research materials, including both state and federal case law, statutes, regulations, and much more.

The New Casemaker has been completely updated to give you state-of-the-art, Google-like search capabilities and much more! 

Features include:

  • Get fast search results with an intuitive interface
  • Personalized search history, save and reuse your research
  • Save research in folders organized your way.
  • Mobile site available; compatible with most phones, including iPhone, Android, and Blackberry

We are certain that you will find Casemaker to be an invaluable research tool as well as the most exciting member benefit the NSBA has ever introduced.


 NSBA Casemaker Webinars

Casemaker Video Tutorials

The New Casemaker helps you keep track of the time you spend, searches you make, and documents you view while working for a specific client.

Casemaker has provdided users video tutorials via their YouTube Channel Casemakerlegalvideos

Casemaker Tutorial: Overview

  • An overview tutorial on the New Casemaker interface.  View tutorial.

Casemaker Tutorial: Custom Folders

  • This 2 minute tutorial teaches you how to create new custom folders and how to save documents to folders while you research.  View tutorial.

Casemaker Tutorial: Client Settings

  • This tutorial teaches you how to assign your research session to a specific client and how to view a full report of the work you've done during that session. View tutorial..

Other Casemaker Videos

CaseCheck+: Casemaker's Negative Treatment Citator

  • CaseCheck+: a fast, low-cost solution to finding if a case has negative treatment.  View Promo.

Stay Current with CasemakerDigest

  • Keep up with the latest cases in your practice area. Within 12-24 hours of publication, Casemaker editors deliver daily summaries of State and Federal appellate cases. Get just the information you need when you need it.  View video.

CiteCheck Promo

  • Demostrating the use of CiteCheck, one of our additional subscription features. CiteCheck allows you to upload your brief and will check each citation mentioned to see if it is good law.  View Demo.