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Welcome to the NSBA  Classified Ads Page.  You can post job openings, rental properties, offices shares etc.  Job seekers and posters can find search openings and subscribe to new posting notifications.

TO SEARCH FOR A LISTING:  Click on the Search Openings icon at the top of page.  

TO POST A CLASSIFIED AD: First purchase the appropriate posting through the NSBA Store. Click on the appropriate posting product from the below listed items.  Once you have purchased the appropriate classified ad, you will receive an email with a link and instructions on how to create your posting.

PLEASE NOTE: Classified Ads on the NSBA website are for members of the Legal Community.  All ads are subject to approval by the NSBA and the NSBA reserves the right to refuse any classified ads that are inappropriate.  If an ad is not approved, the NSBA will refund the purchase price of the ad.

***NSBA Dues Paying Members, to receive discounted rates for dues paying members, please log-in to the site before attempting to purchase the ad listing.

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Classified Ads FAQ

Basic Information

1. Pricing:   A 30 day posting is $75 for dues paying NSBA members and $100 for non-dues paying members or non-members (must be signed into the NSBA website as a dues paying member to receive discounted rate.)

2. Is there a space limit?   There is a 600 character limit, including spacing.

3. Can my classified also run in The Nebraska Lawyer magazine?   If you would also like your ad to appear in the next issue of The Nebraska Lawyer, please contact Sarah Ludvik at Ads will be reprinted in The Nebraska Lawyer if possible, given publication deadlines. Reprinting of ads in The Nebraska Lawyer is at the discretion of the NSBA staff.

4. How do I get the member price? You must be logged into the main NSBA website.   Click on the “sign in” tab in the upper right hand corner). Click on the appropriate posting product from the options listed above.  You can choose from either 30, 60 or 90 Day listings. Once you have purchased the appropriate classified ad, you will receive an email with a link and instructions on how to create your posting.

5. What is my log-in information? If you do not know your login or password, please call the NSBA at 402-475-7091 or email IT Department.

Submitting the Ad

1. Is the ad placed online right away? No.  Ads must be approved by the NSBA.  NSBA staff will approve the ad in a timely manner.

2. How else will the NSBA promote the postings? The NSBA will create a link to the Classified Section of the NSBA website on Ecounsel (its electronic newsletter), directing members to new postings. The NSBA will also promote postings in the on-line classifieds via social media.

3. Who can see the postings? Postings in the classified section are not limited to dues paying members of the NSBA. The postings are available to anyone who visits the NSBA website (which may include paralegals, legal administrators, non-member attorneys, etc.).

4. Can I place an ad for more than 30 days? Yes, select the ad length from the options above. You must pay for the entire run when you post the ad. Note, if you decide to take down the ad before the end of the time period you paid for, you will not receive a refund.

5. Can I place an ad for less than 30 days? Yes, you may take the ad down early but our minimum charge is for one full month so you will not receive a refund.

6. Can I change the ad once it is up? How do I take it down early? To make any changes or to remove the ad, please contact the NSBA at 402-475-7091.

Please double check that you are being charged the correct amount before completing the transaction. Advertisements are non‐refundable. Still have questions? Call the NSBA at 402-475-7091