NSBA Online Member Communities

If you are already a part of a committee or section, you can click on the links below or visit the home page for the NSBA Member Community! Our Member Communities allow you to:

  • Network with members from across Nebraska
  • Engage in invaluable discussions;
  • Receive legislative updates;
  • Share information with other Nebraska lawyers;
  • Build your resources; and

To join an NSBA Committee
Committees that are accepting new members are open to join by selecting that option.  Some Committees are limited by the NSBA Bylaws to members of the House of Delegates and others require appointment by the NSBA President. If you’d like to join a Committee, please email Liz Neeley,lneeley@nebar.com with your request to join and we will assist you. 


To join an NSBA Section
To join a Section you must be a dues-paying member or a registered law student member.  NSBA dues-paying members: log-in to the website and visit the NSBA Store You MUST BE LOGGED IN to receive the correct pricing.  Law students and newly admitted lawyers can join Sections for free. Contact Jennifer Hiatt for your complimentary section registration.

Why join? NSBA Committee and Sections Offer You Great Opportunities!

  • Leadership: Very easy way to demonstrate and develop skills
  • Networking: Great opportunity to build a strong network, including within your practice areas, and meet people you might not otherwise
  • Learn new areas: For example, how the legislative process works, legal practice and procedure, as well as how nonprofits work including fundraising, finance and volunteer management
  • Shape continuing education opportunities as well as participate. Receive section member discounts!
  • Build your reputation through:
    • Publications, such as authoring Nebraska Lawyer articles or practice manuals, many of which are initiated by sections
    • Being a CLE presenter, again using connections to sections
  • Shape the law, particularly at the state level, by getting involved with reviewing and proposing legislation, another activity under the auspices of sections
  • Access resources. Most NSBA sections offer a free electronic newsletter (legal news feed) from Lexology Newsstand, specific to their certain practice area.
  • Give back, primarily to the legal community, through activities such as networking with law students or assisting fellow lawyers experiencing personal challenges interfering with their practices
  • Have fun! Socialize with colleagues informally or through organized social events

List of NSBA Committees   


Other Groups


List of NSBA Sections


If you have questions or concerns, please email Jennifer Hiatt, NSBA Section Coordinator, or call (402)  742-8126.