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OnDemand CLE

Watch webinars on what you want, when you want! Visit the NSBA’s on-demand CLE portal, www.nebarondemand.com to view a webinar at your convenience and earn distance-learning CLE credit, including professional responsibility (ethics) and GAL credit. 

Here are some titles currently available.

Visit the NSBA’s on-demand CLE portal, www.nebarondemand.com to view these and many other webinars.

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New Bar Leaders Step up at 2019 Annual Meeting
At the conclusion of the Nebraska State Bar Association (NSBA) Annual Meeting October 9-11, 2019, Steve Mattoon will accept the gavel from outgoing NSBA President J. Scott Paul.  Steve Mattoon, of Sidney, will succeed J. Scott Paul as President-Elect and will serve as NSBA President from October 2019 to October 2020. Full Press Release

House of Delegates and Executive Council Welcome New Leadership
On October 10, 2019, Hon. Tricia Freeman will become Chair of the Nebraska State Bar Association House of Delegates. Mark Novotny, Tracey Buettner and Christin Lovegrove began their terms on the NSBA Executive Council on October 9, 2019. Full Press Release

NSBA 2019 Public Service Award Recipients
During the Nebraska State Bar Association’s Annual Meeting (October 9-11th in La Vista) the Association will be recognizing members of the legal community for their exemplary service. The NSBA is proud to recognize the following recipients.  Complete List of Award Winners

Just Published!  Nebraska Title Standards (2019)
The Nebraska Title Standards have been completely reviewed and updated by the NSBA Real Estate Practice Guidelines Committee.  The update includes both new standards and updates to existing standards.  See the table of contents and pricing information, and place your order through the online NSBA Store or call the NSBA office.

Travel to Portugal With the NSBA - May 18-23, 2020
The Nebraska State Bar Association is offering an exclusive program to Portugal. Visit Lisbon, Porto and other beautiful cities from May 18-23, 2020 with a 3 day & 2 night optional extension to the Douro Valley wine country from May 23-25, 2020. Space is limited so don't miss this unique opportunity. Our partner, CLE Abroad, is accepting registrations through the end of January 2020 for this once-in-a-lifetime trip.  For complete information download the brochure.

ABA TECHSHOW 2020 - Bringing Lawyers & Technology Together
ABA TECHSHOW has over 32 years of experience bringing lawyers and technology together. Legal work today is dependent on technology to manage day to day activities, to practice more competently, and to service clients more effectively. ABA TECHSHOW teaches you how technology can work for you. Through the expansive EXPO Hall, CLEs, presentations, and workshops, you will be able to get your questions answered and learn from the top legal professionals and tech innovators, all under one roof. Regardless of your expertise level, there’s something for you at ABA TECHSHOW.

As a member of the Nebraska State Bar Association, we want you to know that you can register for ABA TECHSHOW 2020 at a special reduced rate. This discount only applies to registrants that qualify for the Standard registration and will save you $150. You can register online and include this unique discount code: EP2003 at checkout to receive the discount.

VLP and Legal Aid of Nebraska Offer FREE Legal Clinic Basics CLE 
“Just the Basics!:  Providing Limited Legal Services in Walk-In and Virtual Legal Clinics” provides new and seasoned lawyers a review of ethical rules, general substantive law, procedure and practical advice for assisting self-represented persons at walk-in and virtual legal clinics.  This seminar is being offered in North Platte on October 29Check the NSBA website for more information on these sessions.  Don’t miss this out on this unique opportunity! 

Sixteen Submit their Names for Two Juvenile Court Judge Vacancies in the Separate Juvenile Court of Douglas County
Jennifer D. Chrystal-Clark, Karine E. Sokpoh, both of Bennington; Amy N. Schuchman, Mary “Peg” Stevens, both of Elkhorn; Jonathon D. Crosby, Susanne M. Dempsey-Cook, Jessica P. Douglas, Britt H. Dudzinski, Jane M. McNeil, Sarah M. Moore, Candice J. Novak, Dami J. Oluyole, Kathleen S. Pallesen, Patrick R. Runge, Joy M. Suder, Christina L. Thornton, all of Omaha, have submitted applications for appointment as Juvenile Court Judges in the Separate Juvenile Court of Douglas County. The primary place of office for each of the judicial vacancies is Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska. The vacancies are due to the retirement of Judge Douglas F. Johnson and the resignation of Judge Elizabeth G. Crnkovich.  Full Press Release

Lancaster County Separate Juvenile Court Judge Toni Thorson to Retire Mid October
Lancaster County Separate Juvenile Court Judge Toni G. Thorson has announced her retirement. Her last day on the bench is October 16, 2019. In her letter to the Chief Justice, Thorson wrote, “It has been an honor to work with my colleagues to try to help children and families experiencing difficult and challenging times in their lives.”  Full Press Release

Lawyer's Advisory Committee Opinions for 09/30/2019

May a Nebraska law firm use a trade name or service mark which does not communicate the law firm’s professional entity designation (e.g., LLC or LLP)?

Recent Supreme Court Cases

Week of October 18, 2019

304 Neb. 287
Griffith v. Nebraska Dept. of Corr. Servs.
S-18-908 304 Neb. 302 Krejci v. Krejci
S-18-1069  304 Neb. 312  Williamson v. Bellevue Med. Ctr. 

Week of October 11, 2019

 S-17-1024 304 Neb. 219  Bortolotti v. Universal Terrazzo & Tile Co.
S-18-675 304 Neb. 239   In re Interest of Donald B. & Devin B.
 S-18-702  304 Neb. 252   State v. Lee

For a complete listing of recent opinions, visit the Nebraska Judicial Branch Website.


Casemaker Weekly Update
While there are some things that have changed in Casemaker4 quite a few things have not. For example, you can use the same search operators in Casemaker4 that you used in previous versions of Casemaker. Let’s review them!

AND searching – Example: Contract Binding
To perform the AND search, simply leave a space. Casemaker sees the space as the AND operator. Our example will give us documents that have the word contract as well as the word binding.

OR searching – Example: alimony OR support
Using OR as the operator will find documents that use either word in the query. In our example, this query will pull up documents mentioning either alimony or support anywhere in them.

NOT searching – Example: property NOT commercial
Using the NOT operator will tell the system to find the documents that mention the first term but do not mention the second. In our example, the query will pull up documents that refer to property but do not mention the term commercial

Phrase searching – Example: “right of way” 
This search type tells the system to treat everything in the quotations as if it were one search term. In our example, this means it will only pull cases that mention right of way but not cases that mention the words right, of and way by themselves.

Thesaurus searching – Example: ~parole
The thesaurus search not only locates your search term but also words with the same meaning. In our example query, the search will pull up documents that mention the word parole as well documents that mention any synonyms of the word parole.

Asterisk searching – Example: run*
This search will pull up documents that mention terms that begin with the letters prior to the asterisk. In our example, the query will find documents that mention not only run but also any words that start with run such as runner, runs, running and so on.

Proximity searching – Example: tax w/10 property
This search will pull up documents that mention your first term within the number of words you specify of the other term. In our example, this will bring us documents where tax is mentioned within ten words of the term property.
Grouping searching – Example: (alimony OR support) AND divorce 
This would be the one case where you should use the word AND in Casemaker. Using the parentheses tells the system we want to group these queries. In this example, the system will return documents that mention alimony or support but also mention divorce.
When creating searches, if you run into trouble or need a few tips we highly recommend contacting our customer support department. We have a live chat feature which will allow you to instant message our customer support team during our regular hours. You will find a link to livechat in the upper right of the Casemaker4 screen. Live chat is especially useful when you are looking for search query assistance. Our support team can give you a sample query and you can copy and paste the search suggestions we have to offer!



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The NSBA has a new Career Center. Employers can post job openings and job seekers and posters can search openings and subscribe to new posting notifications.


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