Leadership Academy Current Class

Fourteenth Class of the NSBA Leadership Academy

 image of Alissa M. Baier Alissa M. Baier
Areas of practice: estate planning, probate, real estate, business, family law, juvenile, agriculture, civil litigation
image of Colin J. Bernard  Colin J. Bernard
Areas of practice: commercial litigation, employment law, creditors' rights

image of David B. Brinegar  David B. Brinegar
Areas of practice: criminal defense

 image of Christopher J. Buller Christopher J. Buller
Areas of practice: creditors' rights, property law, corporate governance, regulatory compliance

 image of Katelyn N. Cherney Katelyn N. Cherney
Areas of practice: general civil practice representing people in poverty in Douglas County; largely in family law, housing law, guardianships, low-income estate planning
 image of Christopher O. Estwick Christopher O. Estwick
Areas of practice: intellectual property, mergers & acquisitions, commercial finance

 image of Joel J. Fulton Joel J. Fulton
Areas of practice: appellate and trial work for the court, insurance defense, personal injury

image of Mark J. Goldsmith  Mark J. Goldsmith
Areas of practice: employment litigation

 image of Kayla N. Hathcote Kayla N. Hathcote
Areas of practice: government practice, civil litigation, employment law, contracts, land use

image of Kortnei N. Hoeft  Kortnei N. Hoeft
North Platte
Areas of practice: criminal law, juvenile law

image of Gregory D. Kratz  Gregory D. Kratz
Areas of practice: civil and criminal litigation, real estate, corporate, municipal
image of Elizabeth A. Luebbert  Elizabeth A. Luebbert
Areas of practice: litigation, bankruptcy, creditors' rights

 image of Gretchen L. McGill Gretchen L. McGill
Areas of practice: business and estate litigation

 image of John A. McWilliams John A. McWilliams
Areas of practice: civil litigation, premises liability, products liability, professional malpractice, real estate law

image of Alexis S. Mullaney  Alexis S. Mullaney
Areas of practice: employment law, general litigation

 image of Patrick M. Patino Patrick M. Patino
Areas of practice: bankruptcy, debt resolution

image of Jaydon M. Pence  Jaydon M. Pence
Areas of practice: commercial litigation, regulatory work (Nebraska Public Services Commission), general civil litigation
image of Michelle E. Pernicek  Michelle E. Pernicek
Areas of practice: public finance

 image of Preston John Peterson Preston John Peterson
Loup City
Areas of practice: ag law, banking law, municipal law, estate planning, criminal law, civil litigation, juvenile law, real estate

 image of Gregory S. Ramirez Gregory S. Ramirez
Areas of practice: contracts, labor & employment law (past), intellectual property

 image of Elena J. Reveiz Elena J. Reveiz
Areas of practice: immigration law, family law related to immigration

 image of Jamie L. Reyes Jamie L. Reyes
Areas of practice: government practice, administrative, regulatory (utility/transportation)

 image of Elizabeth A. Simpson Elizabeth A. Simpson
Areas of practice: administrative law and regulatory practice, business law, health
 image of Yvonne D. Sosa Yvonne D. Sosa
Areas of practice: criminal defense

 image of Michael A. Wieger Michael A. Wieger
Areas of practice: corporate counsel, mergers and acquisitions