LSAT Prep Scholarship Program

LSAT Prep Scholarship Program
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The LSAT Prep Scholarship Program was established to expand the pipeline of diverse law school applicants. The LSAT Prep Scholarship Program provides a scholarship for a Kaplan LSAT Prep Course covers the costs of registering for the LSAT exam for recipients who are historically underrepresented in Nebraska's law schools, demonstrate economic need, and reside in Nebraska.

The number of scholarships awarded annually is dependent on charitable contributions. The scholarship program reaches both traditional and non-traditional students from a variety of racial and ethnic backgrounds. On average, students achieve a seven point increase on their LSAT exam score.

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"The LSAT Prep Scholarship provided me not only with financial assistance, but also with a sense of mental readiness for the LSAT this fall. While I can add up the numbers to figure out all of the costs the scholarship covered, I cannot fully express my appreciation for the opportunities it has provided to me and other students of color." - LSAT Prep Scholarship Recipient

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