Nebraska Lawyers Assistance Program (NLAP)

The Nebraska Lawyers Assistance Program (NLAP) offers help to lawyers, judges and law students troubled by substance abuse problems, stress, depression and other types of disorders which may impair their ability to perform in a competent and professional manner.

The foundation of NLAP is a network of judges and lawyers throughout the state of Nebraska who are themselves recovering from alcohol and other drug addiction, psychological problems, and impairment caused by other conditions.  The NLAP director and these volunteers stand ready to assist their colleagues in all areas of their recovery.

Beyond NLAP's direct service work with substance abuse, and mental health issues, its activities also include education, involvement in discipline matters, and dealing with death, disability or illness in practice.

"The Nebraska Lawyers Assistance Program saved my life." -from a Nebraska lawyer


Education continues to be an important component of NLAP.  Our philosophy is that prevention and recognition of problems is our first line of assistance in an effort to avoid the harm to the public caused by impaired lawyers, judges and law students.

Cooperation in Discipline Matters

Some of NLAP's work calls for monitoring of lawyers disciplined by the Supreme Court for ethical violations and for cooperation with the Counsel for Discipline.

Dealing with Disability, Death or Unexpected Events

The Nebraska State Bar Association (NSBA) and NLAP are seeing an increase in referrals regarding illness, disability, death, aging or unexpected events that affect a practice.