NetWORKS! – NSBA’s Professional Networking Group


  • Main priority:  Promote the development of collegial professional relationships among group members.
  • Secondary priorities:  Provide education on effective networking skills and ethical issues related to professional civility, and promote collegiality and effective networking among all Nebraska lawyers.

Membership Requirements:

  • Membership is open to all voluntary NSBA members except law students.
  • Members choose which group they wish to opt in to—Omaha, Lincoln, or Greater Nebraska—and may be members of any group(s) they wish. HOWEVER, the expectation for Omaha and Lincoln area groups is you'll be available to meet in the geographic area.  For example, Omaha group members will be available to meet in the Omaha area.  If you live/work in Lincoln and join the Omaha group, you're expected to travel to Omaha rather than ask the Omaha lawyer to meet you halfway or drive to Lincoln.  Of course, whatever is convenient for members is fine with the NSBA.
  • Members agree to be matched for 6 one-to-one meetings each year and further agree to help facilitate their meetings on a timely basis. 
  • Members must be willing to provide a complete online profile and be listed in a group directory, which will be available only to other group members.
  • Members agree to report to NSBA if they AREN’T able to have their network coffee/lunch during the assigned window for any reason.  
  • Members may ask to be placed on hiatus status and will not be matched during that time.
  • Dues are $10, whether a member joins one group or all three.

How it Works:

  • Membership is open for all three groups - Omaha, Lincoln and Greater Nebraska.
  • Matches are randomly generated using software.  Lawyers are not matched based on practice area or other factors.
  • NSBA will match members one-to-one.  NSBA will create the match, email the two attorneys, and it will be up to them to arrange to meet.  Match notices will go out around the first day of odd-numbered months.  Members will meet during the next 60 days.
  • Members of the Omaha and Lincoln groups are expected to meet in person for coffee or lunch.  Members of the Greater Nebraska group are encouraged to meet in person if possible, or by telephone or Facetime/Skype if needed.

Contact Lorrie Benson at NSBA with questions.

Join NetWORKS! online.