Nebraska Lawyer Editorial Guidelines

Statement of Purpose

The Nebraska State Bar Association (NSBA) publishes The Nebraska Lawyer for the benefit of its members. Consistent with the purpose of the NSBA, The Nebraska Lawyer is intended to contribute to lawyers’ professional growth and add to their knowledge of substantive law, practice and procedure; provide information on important legislative changes, court decisions and other issues arising in the legal profession; keep members informed of NSBA activities; and help improve law office management skills.  It is published approximately once every two months, or 6 times per year.

In order to be published in The Nebraska Lawyer, articles must be high quality, of substantive value, and of general interest to NSBA members. Consistent with the format of The Nebraska Lawyer, the language of submissions should be gender neutral. The NSBA and the NSBA Publications Committee seek to present the views of and receive articles from any and all of its members and encourage submissions from lawyers of varied practice areas, locations, genders, races, and levels of experience.

The Nebraska Lawyer is a copyrighted publication. Opinions and positions stated in The Nebraska Lawyer are those of the authors and are not necessarily those of the NSBA.  The material in The Nebraska Lawyer is presented as information to be used by lawyers, in conjunction with other research deemed necessary, in the exercise of their independent judgement. Please see the Author’s Guidelines on pages 16-17, which outline recommendations for publication, subject matter and the general format for the publication.


The deadline for each issue is the first of the month preceding publication or as otherwise determined by the Executive Editor.  Issues of The Nebraska Lawyer are generally planned at least 6 months in advance. Deadlines are final.  The Nebraska Lawyer reserves the right to hold articles over, delay or accelerate publications at its discretion. Submitted articles, either solicited or otherwise, are not guaranteed publication in any issue or in any specific time period.

Ethical Considerations

The Nebraska Lawyer will not publish articles that violate ethical standards. Criticism of the judicial system should be presented with restraint and good taste. No client confidences should be revealed.

Format and Layout

1.       The format of the NSBA monthly publication will be a legal magazine. It will include substantive law articles, news articles, rotating reports or columns from sections and departments (such as a NSBA President’s Column, Report from the Counsel for Discipline, and Legislative Reports), advertisements, and other features as approved by the Executive Editor. The name of the magazine will be The Nebraska Lawyer.

2.       The magazine will be published in-house, as quickly as is feasible, utilizing desktop publishing for composition, layout and editing. The magazine will then be uploaded to the printer for printing and binding.

3.       The general parameters of the magazine will be at least a 32-page issue each month. The format will be 8 ½ x 1, 2 or 3 columns on the interior. A template will be developed for the interior pages, which will include adequate white spaces and identifiable headlines or other insignia to identify departments, features, news articles and columns that will appear consistently.  Pull quotes, illustrations and graphics will be utilized where possible. Authors will be identified by a short biographical sketch, photograph when possible, and a byline.

4.       The cover for the magazine will be 4-color and will utilize artwork which is readily available and, on occasion, commissioned work which may illustrate a major article or theme included within the publication. In the January/February issue each year, a portrait of the incoming president will be featured on the cover.

5.       Advertising will be sold to assist in defraying the cost of the publication. Contracts for inclusion will be executed.  A surcharge will be placed on advertising rates for 4-color advertisements and requests regarding placement (inside front cover, back cover, inside back cover, and at the center). Advertising rates will be reviewed at least biennially, and will take into account competitive publications.  Both display and classified advertising will be accepted. Acceptance of advertising is in the sole discretion of the NSBA.  The Executive Editor will make initial policy decisions on inclusion.

6.       Length of feature articles and other columns and departments will be included within the Author Guidelines. Feature articles should be limited to four typeset pages and news departments should be limited to three typeset pages. These limitations may be waved at the discretion of the Executive Editor.