SOLACE (Support of Lawyers/Legal Personnel - All Concern Encouraged) Program:

If you are aware of anyone within the Nebraska legal community (lawyers, law office personnel, judges, courthouse employees or law students) who suffers a sudden, catastrophic loss due to an unexpected event, illness or injury , the NSBA's SOLACE Program can likely assist that person in some meaningful way.  Contact Mike Kinney and/or Liz Neeley.  We have a statewide and beyond network of generous Nebraska attorneys willing to get involved.  We do not solicit cash, but can assist with contributions of clothing, housing, transportation, medical community contacts, and a myriad of other possible solutions through the thousands of contacts available to us through the NSBA and its membership.

"Losing my son has been the hardest struggle ever. I am proud to be a member of such a compassionate bar. I moved to Arizona over a year ago and it is amazing at the love and generosity from my friends and from strangers that I received from you all. My children and I THANK you for lightening the burden. Bless you."

“I have received an awesome response from people. I’m just so overwhelmed! When I’m back on my feet . . . I hope to be an active member in the SOLACE program. It is such a lifesaver!”


“Our entire office is very thankful for the generosity the SOLACE program has shared with Jennifer. The kindness of our friends, colleagues, and complete strangers is something we will all carry with us in the future. Knowing that the legal community has helped Jennifer be able to recover from each chemo treatment without worrying about whether her family can afford for her to miss that day of work is comforting, as are all of the generous housing offers for her trips to and from Omaha. Please keep up the great work this program does!”